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New Jersey Weddings Made Easy with U.S. Marriage Laws

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New Jersey, New Jersey Weddings Made Easy with U.S. Marriage Laws

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When it comes to getting married, some of the most daunting questions you will face involve your state’s marriage laws: Are we eligible to get married in this state? How and where do we get a marriage license? Who is authorized to perform our wedding?

These questions don’t have to be overwhelming. U.S. Marriage Laws has everything you need to know about getting married in New Jersey, from eligibility requirements to what you need when you apply for your marriage license.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a New Jersey Wedding Officiant

Some couples think that choosing a New Jersey wedding officiant is as easy as thumbing through a phonebook and making a few calls. However, it’s good to have an idea of what you are looking for in an officiant before you start making appointments. Here are some things to consider:

    Do you want your ceremony to be religious or secular? If you are looking to have a religious ceremony, you will want to choose a clergy member for your officiant. If you want your ceremony to be more secular, you can ask a local judge or county clerk.
    What do you expect from the officiant? Do you expect the officiant to stick to a script or are they free to adlib? If you choose a member of the clergy, do you want them to include specific scriptures? It is good to know your expectations beforehand so you can discuss them with a potential New Jersey marriage officiant at your first meeting.
    Will you follow a traditional service or do you wish to customize your own? If you choose a clergy member, keep in mind that some religions have rules for the wedding ceremony, so be sure to ask how flexible the officiant can be if you want to write your own vows or include special music or rituals.
    How important is an officiant’s experience? Are you willing to choose an officiant who has only performed a handful of marriages, or do you feel more comfortable with a seasoned officiant who can keep their cool and won’t get flustered?
    Do you wish to attend premarital counseling? Some officiants offer or even require premarital counseling for couples they are marrying, while others don’t offer this service. If this is something you and your betrothed are interested in, be sure to ask your officiant if they are willing to counsel you.

Take the Stress Out of Choosing a New Jersey Wedding Officiant with U.S. Marriage Laws

If you find yourself stressed at the thought of finding a marriage officiant in New Jersey, U.S. Marriage Laws can find one for you. Simply fill out our brief online form and you will receive timely responses from up to five local officiants. This free service puts you in contact with qualified New Jersey marriage officiants, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

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