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Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant?

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Wedding, Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant?

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Over the years it has become more common for couples to have friends or family act as their wedding officiant. Couples think there isn’t much difference between amateurs and professionals, and think of the money you’ll save! But there are some major advantages to hiring an experienced Staten Island marriage officiant for your wedding.

It’s important to know that each state, county, or city has specific rules about who can perform weddings within their jurisdiction. Many people have chosen amateur officiants, only to find out later that their ceremony was not, in fact, legal, and their marriage is not recognized by the state. You can avoid this drama by checking U.S. Marriage Laws and reviewing the officiant requirements for your wedding location.

The benefits of a professional Staten Island wedding officiant include:

    Experience – The #1 reason you should hire a professional officiant is for their experience. Weddings are not a calm, predictable environment: from crying children, to photographers constantly moving around the venue, ceremonies are full of distractions. Experienced Staten Island marriage officiants are used to these interruptions and are not easily flustered. They remain calm and easily adjust for the unexpected, allowing you to relax and enjoy your ceremony, knowing it is in capable hands.
    Knowledge – With experience comes knowledge. A professional officiant can offer advice and guidance on everything from how to incorporate various wedding traditions or how to handle logistical challenges created by your venue, to practical things like the wording or length of your ceremony.
    Reliability – Amateurs may cancel at the last minute and friends could develop cold feet, leaving you stressed and panicked, trying to find an officiant at the last minute. Professional Staten Island wedding officiants are reliable, since this is their business and they want to maintain a good reputation.
    Teamwork – All your wedding vendors – florists, caterers, DJs, photographers, officiant, etc. – have overlapping and intersecting responsibilities. They depend on the competence and professionalism of the other vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly and on time during your wedding. They work as a team, and having an amateur on the team can distract and disrupt the others from their duties.

Find a Professional Staten Island Wedding Officiant with U.S. Marriage Laws

At U.S. Marriage Laws, we don’t just inform you of officiant requirements; we also help you find marriage officiants! By filling out a simple online form, we will match you with up to 5 Staten Island wedding officiants. All our officiants are professionals who meet the requirements of the law for your state, and want to help you create a meaningful and memorable ceremony.

The wedding ceremony sets the tone for your entire day. Why leave something so important in the hands of an amateur? Let U.S. Marriage Laws help you find the perfect Staten Island marriage officiant.

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